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lsstsw deploy failing with conda lock file errors


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      This failure mode has been observed several times now under jenkins when starting from a clean workspace.

      + ./buildbot-scripts/jenkins_wrapper.sh
      if grep -q -i "CentOS release 6" /etc/redhat-release 2>/dev/null; then
          # shellcheck disable=SC1091
        . /opt/rh/devtoolset-3/enable
      set +o verbose
      add_anaconda_token: True
      add_pip_as_python_dependency: True
      allow_softlinks: True
      always_copy: False
      always_yes: False
      auto_update_conda: True
      binstar_upload: None
      changeps1: True
      channel_alias: https://conda.anaconda.org
      channel_priority: True
        - http://conda-mirror.lsst.codes/pkgs/free
      create_default_packages: []
      debug: False
        - https://repo.continuum.io/pkgs/free
        - https://repo.continuum.io/pkgs/pro
      disallow: []
        - /Users/square/jenkins/workspace/stack-os-matrix/label/osx/python/py2/lsstsw/miniconda/envs
      json: False
      offline: False
      proxy_servers: {}
      quiet: False
      shortcuts: True
      show_channel_urls: None
      ssl_verify: True
      track_features: []
      update_dependencies: True
      use_pip: True
      verbosity: 0
      Fetching package metadata .....
      .Solving package specifications: ..........
      Package plan for installation in environment /Users/square/jenkins/workspace/stack-os-matrix/label/osx/python/py2/lsstsw/miniconda:
      The following packages will be downloaded:
          package                    |            build
          mkl-11.3.3                 |                0       101.4 MB
          libpng-1.6.22              |                0         225 KB
          cython-0.25.2              |           py27_0         2.6 MB
          freetype-2.5.5             |                1         734 KB
          future-0.16.0              |           py27_0         618 KB
          numpy-1.11.2               |           py27_0         3.1 MB
          pyparsing-2.1.4            |           py27_0          70 KB
          pytz-2016.10               |           py27_0         181 KB
          pyyaml-3.12                |           py27_0         153 KB
          requests-2.12.4            |           py27_0         752 KB
          sip-4.18                   |           py27_0         245 KB
          six-1.10.0                 |           py27_0          16 KB
          sqlalchemy-1.1.4           |           py27_0         1.3 MB
          astropy-1.2.1              |      np111py27_0         6.1 MB
          bottleneck-1.2.0           |      np111py27_0         106 KB
          conda-4.2.13               |           py27_0         375 KB
          cycler-0.10.0              |           py27_0          11 KB
          numexpr-2.6.0              |      np111py27_0         111 KB
          python-dateutil-2.6.0      |           py27_0         232 KB
          qt-4.8.7                   |                4        37.1 MB
          scipy-0.18.1               |      np111py27_0        13.4 MB
          pandas-0.19.1              |      np111py27_0         7.8 MB
          pyqt-4.11.4                |           py27_4         4.0 MB
          matplotlib-1.5.1           |      np111py27_0         6.2 MB
                                                 Total:       186.8 MB
      The following NEW packages will be INSTALLED:
          astropy:         1.2.1-np111py27_0 
          bottleneck:      1.2.0-np111py27_0 
          cycler:          0.10.0-py27_0     
          cython:          0.25.2-py27_0     
          freetype:        2.5.5-1           
          future:          0.16.0-py27_0     
          libpng:          1.6.22-0          
          matplotlib:      1.5.1-np111py27_0 
          mkl:             11.3.3-0          
          numexpr:         2.6.0-np111py27_0 
          numpy:           1.11.2-py27_0     
          pandas:          0.19.1-np111py27_0
          pyparsing:       2.1.4-py27_0      
          pyqt:            4.11.4-py27_4     
          python-dateutil: 2.6.0-py27_0      
          pytz:            2016.10-py27_0    
          pyyaml:          3.12-py27_0       
          qt:              4.8.7-4           
          scipy:           0.18.1-np111py27_0
          sip:             4.18-py27_0       
          six:             1.10.0-py27_0     
          sqlalchemy:      1.1.4-py27_0      
      The following packages will be UPDATED:
          conda:           4.2.12-py27_0      --> 4.2.13-py27_0
          requests:        2.11.1-py27_0      --> 2.12.4-py27_0
      Exceeded max retries, giving up
      LockError: Lock error: Already locked: Lock error: 
      LOCKERROR: It looks like conda is already doing something.
      The lock [u'/Users/square/jenkins/workspace/stack-os-matrix/label/osx/python/py2/lsstsw/miniconda/pkgs/mkl-11.3.3-0.tar.bz2.pid86953.conda_lock'] was found. Wait for it to finish before continuing.
      If you are sure that conda is not running, remove it and try again.
      You can also use: $ conda clean --lock
      Build step 'Execute shell' marked build as failure



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