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Known Issues in LDM-151


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      Issue containing known issues present in LDM-151 that haven't yet been broken out into individual stories to be worked on. This is easier than creating many separate issues. Add any newly discovered problems to the list below.

      Known issues:

      • QA pipelines running post-DRP and in Level 1 are not described. This is (may be?) different than the QA pipelines that run to enable regression testing in software development. An example is a pipeline to compute the width of the stellar locus over the entire data release.
      • CalExp needs to be renamed to PVI (or vice versa)
      • The current document says at one place "and the field rotation known to an accuracy of 32 arcseconds (LTS-206).". We must not rely on LTS-level requirements; if we rely on one, it should be pulled up to an LSE-level document.
      • Fix issue marked \XXX {Need to add proper section about this (Brighter-Fatter) and reference it as this is a non-trivial ISR algorithm. Just not sure where to put it.}
      • Fix issue marked \XXX {As above - needs details and referencing. (Tree Rings, spider legs, etc.)}
      • Resolve the question of whether AP plans on performing “brighter-fatter effect"and tree-ring corrections?
      • TODO: Add references to specific AP pipelines that will use forced measurement to Section~\ref {sec:acForcedMeasurement}


      • Write the "Petrosian Photometry" section
      • Write the "Trailed Point Source Models" section
      • Write the Spuriousness section
      • Re section "Proper Motion and Parallax from DIASources" – understand if we want to do this.
      • Move the text presently in "Tools" section to Components or Pipelines; I'm not sure if these are fundamentally different from those.
      • "The application of spuriousness algorithms, also known as ``real-bogus'', may be applied at this time dependent on whether the number of false positives is less than 50%" – revisit this; I'm not sure if it's correct.


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