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Retain unique-key metadata for tabular queries, and permit full-detail queries on selected row(s)



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      I would like the Firefly tabular-query-result support to include the following capability, if it doesn't already:

      If the query result contains a column or columns that constitute a unique key, based on metadata returned from the underlying database service, flag those columns as such.

      Then, for a selected row (or rows), provide convenient UI support for, effectively, performing a "SELECT *" against the underlying table(s) from the original query to retrieve the full width of the available data for the selected row(s). The results would appear as a new query result tab.

      This enables a workflow for any tabular query result (as long as unique-key information was retained in the original query) where a user can perform a limited-column query, browse the data, find something interesting, and then request all available details on that item.

      There are complications when the tabular data results from a join, contains grouping, aggregation, etc., so in the real world this may not be trivial. It may require support from DAX that is not already planned.

      This is an improvement ticket; as usual it requires T/CAM approval to schedule any work to meet it!


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