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Improve idiomatic usage docs of Butler repos with command-line tasks



      DM-11558 established initial user documentation for command-line tasks, including how to use Butler repos with command-line tasks. In that PR, Robert Lupton has asked that the documentation should convey the idiomatic usage of Butler repos.

      • Describe where --output is still useful. Jim Bosch writes: "(e.g. you need outputs to go to a different filesystem and you can't make a symlink for one reason or another). I basically consider it useful only as a fine-grained-control backup for when you don't have a properly set up processing environment.".
      • Describe a system of using reruns within a team environment (e.g. user namespaces of reruns).
      • If --output and the PIPE_INPUT_ROOT environment variable is successfully deprecated via RFC, this ticket can be used to implement those RFCs.


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