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Clarify "Bulk Download" requirement


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      Requirement DMS-REQ-0300, "Bulk Download Service" would have much clearer force if it were reworded to something like:

      "The DMS shall make the released data products of the LSST available for bulk download, subject to the availability of network bandwidth and the application of data rights constraints. This shall include at least the current Data Release and all previous Data Releases from the operational phase of the Project."

      Otherwise, it is really not clear what is meant. What is this "software" that's mentioned in the current version? Something the user installs to provide them with access?

      Do we need to mention "raw data" explicitly? Perhaps we instead need to clarify somewhere that the raw image data is a formal "data product"?

      The nature of the service to be provided should begin to be constrained in the near future with an LDM-level document, as well. How fine-grained are the selections available? By DR? By table? By a subset of columns from a table? All images for my favorite 400 sq. deg. of sky? What network protocols / standards are involved?

      Note that the "all previous" stands in contrast to the OSS-REQ-0186-derived requirement (post-LCR-908) which envisions that the operations organization might choose to offer the normal ("non-bulk") data access services only to a subset of Data Releases.

      For reference, the current text is:

      The DMS shall provide software to enable bulk download of data products and raw data, subject to network bandwidth.




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