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run validate_drp via night/weekly docker images



      As we are now quasi-reliably producing nightly/weekly eups distrib tarball binaries and a docker image, it should be possible to refactor the validate_drp jenkins job to utilize said docker image.

      This would provide several benefits:

      • a possible reduction of the wall-clock run-time and resource consumption for running validate_drp.
      • allow for simple reproduction of the validate_drp execution environment for debugging and/or addition verification.
      • provide a more comprehensive means for validating a build than the "stack demo"; as the nightly/weekly docker image is used as the basis for the jupyterlabdemo images, this would be providing improved validation of binaries that will be used directly by end-users.

      It might also sever as a model for producing and validating a binary distribution for "production" usage.

      Implementing this would likely involve:

      • refactoring the jenkins validate_drp job to be docker based
      • removing the existing jenkins "cron" trigger for validate_drp and adding it as a stage in the nightly/weekly release pipelines
      • possibly modification of how post-qa collects software versions (essentially, provenience)




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              jhoblitt Joshua Hoblitt
              jhoblitt Joshua Hoblitt
              Adam Thornton, Angelo Fausti, Frossie Economou, Jonathan Sick, Joshua Hoblitt, Michael Wood-Vasey, Simon Krughoff
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