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clarify database schema for externally provided coordinates


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      The purpose of this ticket is to clarify whether Object.prv_inputID in the database schema will identify whether an Object is an externally provided coordinate.

      For clarification, Section 4.6 of DMTN-065: "The DMAD specifies that externally defined targets can be incorporated into the Objects catalog (Section 3.2.5), and this may be a particular interest to Special Programs. It is unclear how such targets will be identified or flagged as such in the database schema, and whether we need to add an element for this. Currently, the Object database contains an element prv_inputId which is an integer, and is described as the ”Pointer to prv_InputType. Indicates which input was used to produce a given object.” Is that all we need?"

      All we need to close this ticket is to verify that a (DIA)Source and (DIA)Object that is associated with an externally-provided coordinate has some kind of catalog flag – whether or not this is prv_inputId, exactly how the association is done, and whether externally-provided coordinates are stored as Objects is secondary (I can update the text of DMTN-065 to reflect the answer".

      The nominal deadline has been set to 1.5 months prior to the expected call for Special Programs white paper proposals, but need not be resolved by then, as this particular question is not limited to the context of Special Programs. Additional context for this ticket can be found in Section 4.6 of the DMTN study on DM and Special Programs, available at https://dmtn-065.lsst.io/




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