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ensure the DM computational resources are sized to accommodate special programs



      The purpose of this ticket is to ensure that the overall DM computational system is appropriately sized, given it is likely that a large portion of the 10% of data from Special Programs might be multiply-processed: incorporated into the Level 1 pipeline, and incorporated into the Level 2 data products, and have their own dedicated reconfigured pipelines and separate products, and have a higher probability for user-defined processing. The latter would apply to the size of the DACs. Although an accurate estimate of the science-driven DAC size might not be truly possible until after the call for Special Programs white papers, an initial attempt must be made because this call will need to define a computational boundary for what can be done in the DAC, and what will require the proposer to bring additional resources to the table. For example, if the fractional computational needs are equivalent to the fraction of total data that the program acquires, that is acceptable; but if the program requires, e.g., >2x as much computational resources, then an external contribution might be necessary. Defining what the call will say regarding the need for external processing is a goal of this ticket.

      The nominal deadline has been set to 1.5 months prior to the expected call for Special Programs white paper proposals, but need not be resolved by then. Additional context for this ticket can be found in Section 4.8 of the DMTN study on DM and Special Programs, available at https://dmtn-065.lsst.io/




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