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Modify concrete CmdLineTasks and Gen3 Butler as necessary to work together



      While the basic get and put interface should be backwards-compatible, some things CmdLineTasks do are not currently planned to be implemented in Gen3 in a way that looks the same as Gen2:

      • Slicing Datasets (i.e. retrieving subimages)
      • Subsets and incomplete data IDs
      • DataRefs

      When possible, add (temporary) shims to daf_butler to make things work the same way.  When it's less messy to add special-case code to the CmdLineTasks themselves, do that instead (which should be rare).

      This ticket will focus on the easiest steps of the pipeline included in ci_hsc: the CmdLineTasks defined in pipe/tasks/multiBand.py.  Those will be run against a Gen3 repo build by converting a Gen2 repo containing the outputs of all previous steps.



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