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Fix/delete “Top-level packages” topic in pipelines.lsst.io



      John Swinbank reports the page on top-level packages doesn’t work:

      [..] https://pipelines.lsst.io/v/15-0/install/top-level-packages.html is fairly unhelpful — does some poor scientist who just wants to try out the LSST codebase want “the core packages that LSST will use in operations”, or do they want something else? Could we just add a banner saying “if you don't know what you want, you want this”?

      “This” should probably be lsst_distrib (rather than _apps), if that's what we're also packaging up into Docker images — the user should get the same set of software, regardless of which installation method they prefer.

      The likely solution is to delete this page, since we seem to finally be converging on lsst_distrib as the default top-level package (it used to be split between lsst_apps and lsst_distrib). Some thought will have to go into topics that needed to link to this one.



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