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Deploy replication service at PDAC


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      DB_S18_05, DB_F18_06, DB_F18_07, DB_F18_08, DB_F18_09, DB_F18_10
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      Data Access and Database


      Major milestones of this effort:

      1. upgrade Qserv installation in PDAC with the latest version of Docker containers based on MariaDB 10.2.14. The new containers are also needed to support the extended management protocol needed for cooperation between Qserv workers and the Replication system's Controllers when changes to replica disposition are made.
      2. Docker-based install and preliminary tests of the Replication system's tools on the cluster. At this stage a proper configuration of the Replication system will be devised and tested.
      3. Scalability tests of the main replication operations, including operations with persistent state of the operations (Replication jobs and requests). Making improvements to the implementation of the system as needed.
      4. Implement the Health Monitoring Algorithm for workers of both kinds (Qserv and the Replication system). Integrate this algorithm into the above mentioned fixed logic Controller. The initial version of the algorithm will be sending probe requests to both kinds of workers and measure their responses (which must arrive within a reasonable period of time). This may also require to make some adjustments to the Replication system's Messaging Network to respect priorities of these requests. The current implementation has a plain queue. The new one should get a priority queue.
      5. Finalize and test the fixed-logic replication Controller
      6. when confident with the functionality, performance and robustness of the Replication system integrate the system with the existing Kubernetes infrastructure


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