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Plan the expression language for Firefly computed columns, plot variables


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      We need to have a science-driven planning process for what the set of functions to be supported in Firefly column calculations should be.

      Currently there is a set of standard mathematical functions supported.

      It would very likely be useful to have available some functions that are of common utility in astronomical computations, for instance for coordinate conversions, time conversions, statistical functions such as those related to confidence level computations, computation of HEALPix and HTM cell indices, etc.

      This ticket is for the work to define a (prioritized) set of functions.  This may require some consultation with developers (e.g., Loi Ly, perhaps?) concerning what would be easy vs. difficult to support.  However, the principal action here is scientific - to decide what would be useful.

      The implementation of the requested functions could be split over many tickets.

      Completion of work on this ticket does not mean that the resulting list is approved for implementation.  It's meant to be a wish list, though somewhat informed by feedback on what might be unrealistically difficult.


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                gpdf Gregory Dubois-Felsmann
                David Shupe, Gregory Dubois-Felsmann, Loi Ly, Tatiana Goldina, Vandana Desai, Xiuqin Wu [X] (Inactive)
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