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Image stretch dialog improvements


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      Starting with the comments to DM-14778, but the list can grow as we get more feedback

      Comments pertaining to asinh:

      • The slider can be difficult to use and can be ergonomically taxing. It would be nice to be able to use the right arrow key.
      • Lack of a text input box for Q makes it harder to quickly input a value the user likes.
      • Depending on how one gets to asinh, Q sometimes does not have a default value, and at other times it is unclear how it is set and whether old values are used for new images.
      • Why is there a Refresh button when changing the slider causes an update? (TG: Refresh is necessary when changing dialog fields other than Q)

      Comments not specific to asinh:

      • When hovering inside the histogram, index, Size and Mean Value are displayed. Better would be index, Number, and Bin Center.
      • Lower range and Upper range are confusing. Better would be Lower limit and Upper limit.
      • When changing from % to Data, one expects the Data value to be the 1% or 99% value, but instead Min and Max are filled in.
      • Changing the stretch type doesn't automatically update, nor does changing data parameters, but changing Q does. (Up to now we've always relied on the Refresh button before doing anything.)


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