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Firefly image stretch panel: race condition in application of changes in percent/Data/Sigma menus



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      In the image stretch dialog, if you start out in the default state where the min and max data type menus are showing "%", then type in a number for "max" that is greater than 100 (but less than the maximum pixel value in the image), you get an error highlight for the field. That's as designed, of course.

      If you then change the "max" menu to the "Data" setting, the error highlight does not go away (and the value in the field is unchanged). If you click "Refresh" you also get a data validation error. So it appears that the change from "%" to "Data" is not actually taking effect.

      If you then attempt to edit the value in the field, more weird things happen. If you add a digit to the value in the field, it still stays in the error state. If you backspace over a digit, the whole value in the field is replaced by the data value corresponding to 99%. At this point validation is switched to being in "Data" units and you can actually enter the number you want.

      This is a combination of an outright bug and a further annoying behavior.

      It is such a common user behavior to type the value before changing the units that we need to support this. If I type "150" into the field when in "%" mode, and I get a warning that it's an invalid value, I should be able to just change units to "Data" and proceed, without retyping my value.

      (krughoff has raised the separate question of whether we should be enforcing limits at all. It is arguably useful to be able to base the stretch on the range of possible values, and not limit it to the range of actual values. This is essential when setting up a stretch to produce common colors for a common data value across multiple images with different actual minima and maxima. I've made a separate ticket for this, DM-16457; please don't discuss it here.)


      IPAC Firefly ticket https://jira.ipac.caltech.edu/browse/FIREFLY-139


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