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Save tables in VO format



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      • Save the table in VO format.

      Firefly will have more meta data about table supplied by VOTable, and keeping them in the saved file would be desirable. 

      Comment 2:
      . In the "Save table" dialog, the second line "Save as" is changed to "File name".

      Comment 3.
      The default filename for a cone search has a dash, underscore, parenthesis, colon, space, and double quotes.

      Fixing methods:
      remove all of the special characters except for dashes and underscores.
      Replace left parentheses with dashes.
      Remove the trailing right parentheses, or replace the right parentheses with dashss.
      Replace double-quotes with 'asec'.
      Remove spaces.
      Replace decimal points with 'p' for 'point'.

      ex: for cone search,
      WISE-allwise_p3as_psd (Cone:100'').csv => WISE-allwise_p3as_psd-Cone_100asec.csv
      for elliptical, box, polygon, multiple-object and all sky search, form the filenames
      respectively to be like:

      Comment 4,
      For elliptical searches, the filename comes out with the string 'Eliptical'.

      Fixing method:
      Change it to be 'Ellipse', and the filename contains information on position angle and axial ratio as well as the semi-major axis.

      Comment 5
      When you upload a table for Multi-Object search, there is no string to indicate what type of search was done.

      Fixing method:
      'MultiObject' is appended to the filename to indicate the type of search.

      Comment 7,
      For the "Load Catalog Dialog", the chosen filename is severely truncated in the display.
      I see "Custom catalog in IPAC table format" in that dialog, even though I seem to be able to load csv and tsv files.

      Fixing methods:
      More space is shown to contain the chosen filename.
      Fix the hint sentence that custom catalog in IPAC, CSV, TSV, VOTABLE and FITS table format are able to be loaded.

      Other fixings:
      Fixes the help link for 'table save' dialog and 'Load Catalog' panel.


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