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Complete implementation of basic functionality of TunableLaser CSC



      Technically the code is there, but has not been functionally tested. In order to be complete, it must be tested and working. This allows the TunableLaser to start emitting the light beam and stop emitting through SAL state transitions. The component API already implements this functionality. Had Russell Owen look over the current implementation and he had some suggestions. I will be making those changes as part of this task.

      The CSC now demonstrates basic state transitions including substates for propagating the laser. It demonstrates both local host functionality and network functionality with the chesterfield script machine. It can start propagating when in the enabled state. It can also stop propagating and be in the enabled state or if disabled will also stop propagating. Revamped the hardware wrapper api based on better understanding of hardware itself, updated the firmware to gain access to several error registers. Revamped unit tests to a slight degree. There is also a very simple settings api. Added all temperature sensors to telemetry in preparation for some stability(plus the fact that we don't know which ones are important). Added changedWavelength event to indicate that the wavelength has changed(may be redundant if wavelength is published as telemetry). 


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