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Improve ATDome XML



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      Improve ATDome XML as per discussions with pingraham and Paul.

      Command changes:

      • Add a homeAzimuth command.
      • For the moveShutterDropoutDoor and moveShutterMainDoor commands replace the field with a boolean named open; the TCP/IP interface doesn't support partially opening or closing a door.
      • Rename the stopAllAxis command to stopMotion.
      • Remove the stopShutter and stopAzimuth commands; the TCP/IP interface only supports stopping all motion.

      Event changes:

      • Modify settingsAppliedDomeController as follows:
        • Rename xActivated to xEnabled for all fields because this indicates whether detecting the condition is enabled, not whether the condition is detected.
        • Remove the learnManual field; the TCP/IP interface does not provide the information.
        • Add a homeAzimuth field to report the configured position of the home switch; this may be useful in conjunction with the homeAzimuth command and is output by the TCP/IP interface.
      • Add a homing field to azimuthState. It could be made part of the state field but then we would need to treat the enums as bits for a bit mask and the XML doesn't seem to have good support for that.
      • Modify settingsAppliedDomeTcp as follows:
        • Change portRange field to port.
        • Change ip to host and allow to be longer (to enable domain lookup).
        • Remove writeTimeout; the CSC doesn't use it.
      • Remove the following events, as we will not be outputting them:
        • internalCommand
        • loopTimeOutOfRange
        • rejectedCommand
        • internalStatus
        • detailedState (and associated enum) because there is nothing to report beyond summaryState.
      • Rename the allAxisInPosition event to allAxesInPosition.

      Telemetry changes:

      • Remove the following telemetry topics, as they are not output:
        • loopTime
        • timestamp telemetry topic; it is not output.
      • Modify the position topic by renaming the dropout door fields from dropoutOpening... to dropoutDoorOpening... for consistency with the main door.

      Enum changes:

      • Remove the ShutterDoorState_NotInMotionState enum value; it cannot be output.
      • Remove the AzimuthState_InMotionState enum value; it cannot be output.
      • Remove the AzimuthState_StoppingMotionState enum value; it cannot be reliably output.
      • Remove the redundant trailing State from AzimuthState_ and ShutterDoorState_ enums. For instance AzimuthState_NotInMotionState becomes AzimuthState_NotInMotion and ShutterDoorState_ClosedState becomes ShutterDoorState_Closed.


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            rowen Russell Owen added a comment - - edited ts_xml pull request: https://github.com/lsst-ts/ts_xml/pull/64

            XML looks good to my eye, we shall see if validation says otherwise.

            ecoughlin Eric Coughlin added a comment - XML looks good to my eye, we shall see if validation says otherwise.
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            Merged to develop

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