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Prepare to undo diversion of Firefly traffic to lsst-demo



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      Science User Interface


      1. This ticket asks for the following work:
      2. Without (yet) changing the current default instance configurations of the LSP that direct Firefly traffic to the large-memory server on {{lsst-demo)} instead of the instance-local Firefly:
      3. Verify on both lsst-lsp-stable and lsst-lsp-int that the instance-local Firefly instantiations in Kubernetes (which now should be using the large-memory hardware imported from the original PDAC configuration) can handle all the usual demo notebooks with comparable performance to lsst-demo. Please document comparative timings for common operations such as load, pan, zoom, mask display, etc. Please test the detection-footprint viewing capabilities as part of this.
      4. If the current Firefly-Jupyter-extension version does not allow a user to override the default Firefly URL, please discuss with the IPAC team and file tickets as needed to ensure that this is possible. It is essential for testing and maintenance that this be possible. Ensure that firefly_client and display_firefly work correctly with this override.
      5. When this work is done and reviewed by Xiuqin Wu [X] and Gregory Dubois-Felsmann, we will file a ticket asking Adam to change the LSP instance default(s) back to the instance-local Fireflys. We will ask Adam to ensure that the capability to set the default back to lsst-demo is retained, however.

      As part of this ticket, please ensure that the versions of Firefly deployed on the LSP instances and lsst-demo are up-to-date and in sync with each other.

      I've set a deadline of March 12th to allow sufficient time to get the defaults changed by Adam before the LSP review dry runs the week of March 18th.


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