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TAP Search: Column constraints panel updates / next steps



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      Implementation details from https://github.com/Caltech-IPAC/firefly/pull/762

      • Positional and temporal columns fields now behave similarly to column selection fields in charts
      • Made the search for suggestions case-insensitive. (The field value is case-sensitive though, and must match column name exactly to pass validation.)
      • Column constraints and selections are now independent of what is visible in column constraints table
      • Cleaned column constrains selection, no field is necessary.
      • TAP search requests are not cached (per Xiquin's request). New search will produce new asynchronous request.
      • Added error reporting, but did not fix filter validation partially working - will move to a relevant ticket. (Filter validation is done in FilterInfo.conditionValidatorNoAutoCorrect)
      • Removed unimplemented features from the UI.
      • CADC TAP service should now work. (Switched to https.)



      Do the following:

      1. Update column constrains table
        • which columns are visible in the constraints table (i.e., the table filters) should not affect the query
        • the checkboxes should control what’s in the `SELECT` clause
        • rows with `principal!=0` should have their checkboxes checked when the constraints table is initially loaded
        • instead of a stateful “all vs. principal” menu, we should have a button that can be used to reset the checkboxes to that initial state, e.g., “Select principal columns”
      2. Modify UI to use column selection suggestion box.
      3. Constraints column validation is only partially working. It check for syntax(op vals), like in 2,3,4 but, not their content.. in this case, it would fail since it should be written in (2,3,4). Can be moved into a separate ticket.


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