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Adjust Firefly pod resource allocations for lsst-lsp-stable and lsst-lsp-int


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      Science User Interface


      The task is to change the configuration of the LSP deployments lsst-lsp-stable and lsst-lsp-int to appropriately use for the Firefly/Portal pods the legacy PDAC SUIT hardware that was brought into the Kubernetes Commons.

      Per DM-17507, two of the original nodes from the set lsst-sui-tomcat01, lsst-sui-tomcat02, and lsst-sui-proxy01 are to be used for Firefly/Portal deployments on lsst-lsp-stable and the third for the same on lsst-lsp-int. I understand the initial intent to have been to have two stable pods, each using (nearly) all the memory and core resources on one of the legacy hosts, and two int pods, each using (slightly less than) half the resources on the third host.

      1. We need SUIT group input on the exact configurations to be used at pod-creation time;
      2. We need SQuaRE group assistance to apply those configurations (which might also include applying appropriate labels to control the pod affinity with the legacy hardware in Kubernetes); and
      3. We need the SUIT group to ensure that the Tomcat servers that will run in the pods are actually aware of the resources available to them (taking advantage of the improved Docker compatibility of Java 10).

      We'll also want to be sure that we retain an additional default LSP deployment configuration that is more suitable for use in environments where large-memory / many-core hosts may not be readily available, e.g., on GKE.


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