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Return absolute row index and checkbox state from Firefly table.highlight



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      DM-15251 is intended to add a callback API in firefly_client to return these items for the currently highlighted row in a table:

      1. one or more columns' values or the entire row
      2. the "absolute row index" of the row in the table (i.e., an index that refers to the same row no matter how the filter or sort state of the table may have changed)
      3. the relative index of the row in the currently displayed content of the table
      4. the checkbox state of the row

      Currently, the highlightedRow is returned by a table.highlight callback, as well as all the column values for the highlighted row. The absolute row index and the checkbox state are not returned. This ticket is for extending the values returned by a table.highlight event to include those two items.


      IPAC FIrefly ticket: https://jira.ipac.caltech.edu/browse/FIREFLY-137


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