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Fix PosixDataStore naming



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      Currently the name associated with a Posix data store includes the path to the directory root. This is usually a full path and the name is used to indicate to the butler registry that the named datastore has a particular dataset.

      If a datastore is moved to another location the name will change and the config file must be edited to reflect the new root location. This will not update the name associated with the datasets already known to the registry. Root can be a relative path but it is relative to the person using the butler and not relative to the butler directory.

      Things sort of work by luck at the moment since butler never calls getDatasetLocations.

      The posix datastore config also specifies a name for the records.table which must be unique. It is not related to the name at all and I wonder if it would be easier if it was.

      For this ticket I will:

      • Investigate specifying a name field in posix datastore config and using that instead of the root.
      • Consider allowing root to be specified relative to butler root to allow the simple case of relocating a posix datastore with butler sqlite registry.
      • Consider deriving the name of table.records from datastore name without having to specify a unique string in two places.

      Opinions welcomed.



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