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Add support to display_firefly for obtaining and passing along an authorization token for Firefly



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      Based on the API support for authentication tokens to be added to firefly_client under DM-18666, this ticket asks that display_firefly be modified to support both:

      • manually supplying an authorization token for Firefly when the display object is created, and
      • automatically picking up an appropriate token from a TBD mechanism in the Python process environment established by the Notebook Aspect (e.g., this may be from an environment variable with an agreed-upon name, or from a dot-file).

      The second subtask requires, of course, that the "TBD mechanism" has been defined. This will require work on the Notebook Aspect / Nublado as well.

      In each case, the token should then be passed down to the underlying firefly_client object.

      Care must be taken to be aware the different servers that might be used and to respect overrides that may be in place. The "second subtask", it-just-works, method is initially only required to work for whatever the active LSP-instance default Firefly server is (including any system-configured overrides to that). If the user wishes to use a different server, s/he may be required to supply an appropriate token manually.


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