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      Science User Interface


      Level 2 milestone LDM-503-10a has appeared in PMCS, but has the (very minimal) description "LSP".

      Based on discussions between Gregory Dubois-Felsmann and Fritz Mueller the following text (from the linked Confluence page) is proposed for LDM-503-10a:

      This test demonstrates the successful integration of a single-sign-on federated authentication system, and a basic authorization system, with the three Aspects of the LSST Science Platform (Portal, Notebook, and API), with the API Aspect containing at least a TAP service.  It will be demonstrated on a Kubernetes cluster provided by NCSA.  It is not required for authorization to be applied at the database level; it is sufficient for this milestone to apply at the TAP level.  Data served will remain that from the original PDAC work, i.e., SDSS Stripe 82 and/or WISE.

      In addition, we propose the creation of a further milestone with the following short description:

      This test demonstrates the ingest and service of an "LSST-like" dataset in an instance of the LSST Science Platform at NCSA.  The dataset is expected to be based on the HSC public data release(s) and should include both images and catalogs.  The ingest should be performed through a version of the Science Data Model Standardization mechanism for generating concrete datasets compatible with the DPDD.  Catalogs should be available through TAP and queryable from both the Portal and Notebook Aspects.  Image metadata should be available through an ObsTAP service (and preferably also through an SIAv2 service, but this is not mandatory for this milestone), and images should be available from the URLs provided by the metadata service(s).  Image cutouts should be available through a SODA service.  Images should be queryable from both the Portal and Notebook Aspects, and there should be a well-defined relationship documented between API-based and Butler-based access to images.

      Note that these milestones reflect functional capabilities of the LSP itself, and represent steps on the way to the capabilities needed by LSST science users.  Other milestones capture issues associated with the usability of the LSP for commissioning activities.

      Dates for these milestones will be determined in consultation with the LSP project manager, Frossie Economou.


      Please provide a more descriptive title (Wil O'Mullane suggests “LSP with Authtentication and TAP”) and a brief description of the contents of this milestone.

      Refer to https://github.com/lsst-dm/milestones/pull/10/files for examples of the sort of descriptive text we're looking for. Something following the general pattern of:

      "This test demonstrates the successful execution of a prototype Alert Generation science payload (LDM-148, LDM-151), processing data from precursor surveys at a relatively small scale using compute resources at the LSST Data Facility at NCSA."


      This milestone records successful transfer of an image equivalent to one raft from the DAQ at the summit to reliable storage in the LSST Data Facility at NCSA, from where it will be made available for scientific evaluation through the LSST Science Platform.


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