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Some coadd mask planes are wiping out others, instead of being OR'd in


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      Paraphrased bug report from Andy Goulding (parentheticals are Jim Bosch's musings):

      Some of the mask pixels around bright objects (probably BRIGHT_OBJECT, or maybe DETECTED) are having that plane cleared when they overlap with another mask plane, which mostly appears as narrow rectangles or stripes (INEXACT_PSF or SENSOR EDGE?).   This was particularly obvious in the Deep and UltraDeep fields.

      This sounds like a fairly straightforward case of something assigning to the mask plane when it should be OR'ing into it.  What's confusing (at least to me) is that I thought the candidates for the plane being cleared (BRIGHT_OBJECT, DETECTED) are all set after all of the candidates for the plane that's apparently clearing them (INEXACT_PSF, SENSOR_EDGE).

      Paul Price, Yusra AlSayyad, Lauren MacArthur, do you have any guesses off the top of your heads about what could be going on here?  (i.e. maybe you know something about the order of operations that I've guessed wrong about).

      If we can't spot the effect in processed data we have in hand (e.g. an RC2 run) easily, I'm sure we can get more details from Andy as to exactly which mask planes are interacting poorly.



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