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Develop a plan for cross-matching and/or cross-identification between LSST and external catalogs


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      In response to LSP Review recommendation 1f (LIT-552)

      Provide baseline "neighbors tables" cross-identifying LSST sources/objects against other major contemporary catalogs, such as the Gaia final data release. These are likely to be required by the commissioning teams, and this will avoid the unnecessary overhead of many users attempting to perform the cross-matching independently. Engage the SCs in defining a suitable baseline.

      DM has committed to study this issue and develop a plan.

      The DM-SST is asked to assign someone to lead this study. The study should consider:

      • purely spatial matching (e.g., identifying the nearest N objects within a maximum angular separation D) vs. "cross-identification" in the sense of making an astrophysical judgement about identity/relatedness;
      • matching to data sources for which this is already required for the purposes of the pipelines themselves (e.g., to Gaia data releases), to ones for which this is required for the purposes of validation / QA / characterization of the LSST data products, and/or to ones which are of purely scientific interest;
      • how the matching might be sourced, e.g., from within project-supported efforts vs. as externally contributed tables; and
      • how the matching might best be represented in database-oriented data products (e.g., in Qserv) and/or in non-database products such as Parquet files.

      The goal of this effort is to develop a plan which can be costed for its impact on DM/Project resources (whether that be just to host the tables, or also to create them).


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