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Firefly interaction with asynchronous TAP broken after TAP update




      Apparently due to the deployment of a more rigorous implementation of TAP by the LSST API Aspect group, and the more consistent application of authorization redirects, the existing Firefly TAP query service fails to operate correctly any more.

      The problem has been narrowed down to the retrieval of the results from the asynchronous query generated in response to user queries in the UI; by all signs, the query is being submitted successfully, and Firefly is following its status successfully as it executes, but the results are not successfully retrieved.

      The current TAP service returns results at a different, non-NCSA hostname from the TAP service itself, informing the client of this with an HTTP redirect. The problem is associated with the following of the redirect. It is suspected that the problem is that the Authorization: Bearer headers needed for the TAP service itself are being passed to the redirected request, and are causing an error there.

      (NB: The synchronous TAP queries used by Firefly to retrieve TAP_SCHEMA data are working correctly.)

      The displayed error is:

      Table Load Error:
      Failed to retrieve data

      This is a complete blocker to the operation of the Portal software for LSST.



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