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Printing Gen3 configs in a manner that is easily diff'd


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      While trying to track down problems running Gen3 pipelines, I was asked to dump configs from pipetask command as test compare configs to see what was different.  Using just the linux diff command ended with results that were actually the same because order didn't matter.  These were things like imports (one could presort the configs using linux sort command to help with this one) and config.X.X.names (lists where order doesn't seem to matter).

      There is some flexibility in this ticket because maybe the way forward isn't saving and comparing configs as plain text.  If the configs should be saved in a different format, we'll also need to have a tool to diff them.  If plain text, it would be nice if things are sorted where order doesn't matter to ensure outputs are the same.

      And maybe the order difference only occurred because there was a command line way to specify pipelines and a yaml way and one may be deprecated soon.  But just in case something else in the future could order the output differently, it would be nice to have a guarantee that the configs are output the same.

      (I am assuming that a different ticket would be made to cover the runtime saving of a quantum's config to a butler.)


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