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Resurrect HSC RC2 Gen3 repo bootstrap




      The refactoring of the Gen2 conversion tools on DM-17023 broke the scripts we had previously put together for creating a Gen3 data repository containing the HSC RC2 dataset. At the time this wasn't considered worth fixing, because we still hadn't addressed the issues that made RC2 ingest and preflight painfully slow. That has been partially done (i.e. ingest should now be faster) on DM-21768, so it's time to get that working again.

      This ticket is for getting the new Gen2 conversion tools working on RC2. After that's done, we may want to also make some (hopefully minor) improvements to the yaml import/export mechanism to provide a faster way of re-creating the Gen3 repo from scratch, given that a lot of the slowness in Gen2 conversion is due to limitations in how fast we can discover related datasets in the Gen2 repo.


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