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revised color terms for HSC


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      As I mentioned at the last telecon, I have revised the color terms for all the filters on HSC.  Could you update the pipeline?  I do not really know if we will use the SDSS catalog as a reference, but I have updated the color terms for SDSS as well.



      The large red points are the stars after the color selection for photometric calibrations.  The small red points are stars with slightly relaxed color selection and are included in the fit (solid curves).  Ignore the dashed curves.

      'g': Colorterm(primary="g", secondary="r",c0=0.005728, c1=0.061749, c2=-0.001125),
      'r': Colorterm(primary="r", secondary="i",c0=-0.000144, c1=0.001369, c2=-0.008380),
      'r2': Colorterm(primary="r", secondary="i",c0=-0.000032, c1=-0.002866, c2=-0.012638),
      'i': Colorterm(primary="i", secondary="z",c0=0.000643, c1=-0.130078, c2=-0.006855),
      'i2': Colorterm(primary="i", secondary="z",c0=0.001625, c1=-0.200406, c2=-0.013666),
      'z': Colorterm(primary="z", secondary="y",c0=-0.005362, c1=-0.221551, c2=-0.308279),
      'y': Colorterm(primary="y", secondary="z",c0=-0.002055, c1=0.209680, c2=0.227296),
      'I945': Colorterm(primary="y", secondary="z",c0=0.005275, c1=-0.194285, c2=-0.125424),
      'N387': Colorterm(primary="g", secondary="r",c0=0.427879, c1=1.869068, c2=0.540580),
      'N400': Colorterm(primary="g", secondary="r",c0=0.176542, c1=1.127055, c2=0.505502),
      'N468': Colorterm(primary="g", secondary="r",c0=-0.042240, c1=0.121756, c2=0.027599),
      'N515': Colorterm(primary="g", secondary="r",c0=-0.021913, c1=-0.253159, c2=0.151553),
      'N527': Colorterm(primary="g", secondary="r",c0=-0.020641, c1=-0.366167, c2=0.038497),
      'N656': Colorterm(primary="r", secondary="i",c0=0.035655, c1=-0.512046, c2=0.042796),
      'N718': Colorterm(primary="i", secondary="r",c0=-0.016294, c1=-0.233139, c2=0.252505),
      'N816': Colorterm(primary="i", secondary="z",c0=0.013806, c1=-0.717681, c2=0.049289),
      'N921': Colorterm(primary="z", secondary="y",c0=0.002039, c1=-0.477412, c2=-0.492151),
      'N926': Colorterm(primary="z", secondary="y",c0=0.005230, c1=-0.574448, c2=-0.330899),
      'N973': Colorterm(primary="y", secondary="z",c0=-0.007775, c1=-0.050972, c2=-0.197278),
      'N1010': Colorterm(primary="y", secondary="z",c0=0.003607, c1=0.865366, c2=1.271817),

      'g': Colorterm(primary="g", secondary="r",c0=-0.009777, c1=-0.077235, c2=-0.013121),
      'r': Colorterm(primary="r", secondary="i",c0=-0.000711, c1=-0.006847, c2=-0.035110),
      'r2': Colorterm(primary="r", secondary="i",c0=-0.000632, c1=-0.011237, c2=-0.038169),
      'i': Colorterm(primary="i", secondary="z",c0=0.000357, c1=-0.153290, c2=-0.009277),
      'i2': Colorterm(primary="i", secondary="z",c0=0.001278, c1=-0.213569, c2=-0.012523),
      'z': Colorterm(primary="z", secondary="i",c0=-0.005761, c1=0.001317, c2=-0.035334),
      'y': Colorterm(primary="z", secondary="i",c0=0.003386, c1=0.428877, c2=0.076738),
      'I945': Colorterm(primary="z", secondary="i",c0=0.008117, c1=0.234991, c2=-0.042255),
      'N387': Colorterm(primary="u", secondary="g",c0=-0.709229, c1=0.310719, c2=-0.044107),
      'N400': Colorterm(primary="u", secondary="g",c0=-0.396264, c1=-0.395133, c2=0.038688),
      'N468': Colorterm(primary="g", secondary="r",c0=-0.059159, c1=-0.030881, c2=0.015356),
      'N515': Colorterm(primary="g", secondary="r",c0=-0.032510, c1=-0.354440, c2=0.100832),
      'N527': Colorterm(primary="g", secondary="r",c0=-0.029400, c1=-0.453037, c2=0.020922),
      'N656': Colorterm(primary="r", secondary="i",c0=0.037014, c1=-0.538947, c2=0.052489),
      'N718': Colorterm(primary="r", secondary="i",c0=-0.014742, c1=-0.787571, c2=0.237867),
      'N816': Colorterm(primary="i", secondary="z",c0=0.012676, c1=-0.660317, c2=0.055566),
      'N921': Colorterm(primary="z", secondary="i",c0=0.004619, c1=0.093019, c2=-0.126377),
      'N926': Colorterm(primary="z", secondary="i",c0=0.009369, c1=0.130261, c2=-0.119282),
      'N973': Colorterm(primary="z", secondary="i",c0=-0.005805, c1=0.220412, c2=-0.249072),
      'N1010': Colorterm(primary="z", secondary="i",c0=0.015296, c1=0.794152, c2=0.465309),




          price Paul Price added a comment -

          Yusra AlSayyad, would you please review these changes in obs_subaru?

          price Paul Price added a comment - Yusra AlSayyad , would you please review these changes in obs_subaru?
          price Paul Price added a comment -

          I think Yusra is busy, so Eli Rykoff, would you mind looking at this real quick, please?

          price Paul Price added a comment - I think Yusra is busy, so Eli Rykoff , would you mind looking at this real quick, please?
          price Paul Price added a comment -

          Thanks Eli.

          Merged to master.

          price Paul Price added a comment - Thanks Eli. Merged to master.
          price Paul Price added a comment -
          price Paul Price added a comment - P.S. Jenkins is green .


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