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Bands seem wrong for LATISS in butler



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      I just glanced at the physical_filter / band mappings in gen3 butler and I get the following:

      instrument              name                          band            
      ---------- ----------------------------- -----------------------------
          LATISS                          BG40                          BG40
          LATISS                    BG40~empty                    BG40~empty
          LATISS                     BG40~none                     BG40~none
          LATISS            BG40~ronchi170lpmm            BG40~ronchi170lpmm
          LATISS             BG40~ronchi90lpmm             BG40~ronchi90lpmm
          LATISS                  BG40~unknown                  BG40~unknown
          LATISS               KPNO_1111_436nm                             g
          LATISS         KPNO_1111_436nm~empty         KPNO_1111_436nm~empty
          LATISS          KPNO_1111_436nm~none          KPNO_1111_436nm~none
          LATISS KPNO_1111_436nm~ronchi170lpmm KPNO_1111_436nm~ronchi170lpmm
          LATISS  KPNO_1111_436nm~ronchi90lpmm  KPNO_1111_436nm~ronchi90lpmm
          LATISS       KPNO_1111_436nm~unknown       KPNO_1111_436nm~unknown
          LATISS               KPNO_373A_677nm                             r
          LATISS         KPNO_373A_677nm~empty         KPNO_373A_677nm~empty
          LATISS          KPNO_373A_677nm~none          KPNO_373A_677nm~none
          LATISS KPNO_373A_677nm~ronchi170lpmm KPNO_373A_677nm~ronchi170lpmm
          LATISS  KPNO_373A_677nm~ronchi90lpmm  KPNO_373A_677nm~ronchi90lpmm
          LATISS       KPNO_373A_677nm~unknown       KPNO_373A_677nm~unknown
          LATISS                KPNO_406_828nm                             z
          LATISS          KPNO_406_828nm~empty          KPNO_406_828nm~empty
          LATISS           KPNO_406_828nm~none           KPNO_406_828nm~none
          LATISS  KPNO_406_828nm~ronchi170lpmm  KPNO_406_828nm~ronchi170lpmm
          LATISS   KPNO_406_828nm~ronchi90lpmm   KPNO_406_828nm~ronchi90lpmm
          LATISS        KPNO_406_828nm~unknown        KPNO_406_828nm~unknown
          LATISS                         RG610                         RG610
          LATISS                   RG610~empty                   RG610~empty
          LATISS                    RG610~none                    RG610~none
          LATISS           RG610~ronchi170lpmm           RG610~ronchi170lpmm
          LATISS            RG610~ronchi90lpmm            RG610~ronchi90lpmm
          LATISS                 RG610~unknown                 RG610~unknown
          LATISS                blank_bk7_wg05                blank_bk7_wg05
          LATISS          blank_bk7_wg05~empty          blank_bk7_wg05~empty
          LATISS           blank_bk7_wg05~none           blank_bk7_wg05~none
          LATISS  blank_bk7_wg05~ronchi170lpmm  blank_bk7_wg05~ronchi170lpmm
          LATISS   blank_bk7_wg05~ronchi90lpmm   blank_bk7_wg05~ronchi90lpmm
          LATISS        blank_bk7_wg05~unknown        blank_bk7_wg05~unknown
          LATISS                      diffuser                      diffuser
          LATISS                diffuser~empty                diffuser~empty
          LATISS                 diffuser~none                 diffuser~none
          LATISS        diffuser~ronchi170lpmm        diffuser~ronchi170lpmm
          LATISS         diffuser~ronchi90lpmm         diffuser~ronchi90lpmm
          LATISS              diffuser~unknown              diffuser~unknown
          LATISS                         empty                         empty
          LATISS                   empty~empty                   empty~empty
          LATISS                    empty~none                    empty~none
          LATISS           empty~ronchi170lpmm           empty~ronchi170lpmm
          LATISS            empty~ronchi90lpmm            empty~ronchi90lpmm
          LATISS                 empty~unknown                 empty~unknown
          LATISS                    quadnotch1                    quadnotch1
          LATISS              quadnotch1~empty              quadnotch1~empty
          LATISS               quadnotch1~none               quadnotch1~none
          LATISS      quadnotch1~ronchi170lpmm      quadnotch1~ronchi170lpmm
          LATISS       quadnotch1~ronchi90lpmm       quadnotch1~ronchi90lpmm
          LATISS            quadnotch1~unknown            quadnotch1~unknown
          LATISS                       unknown                       unknown
          LATISS                 unknown~empty                 unknown~empty
          LATISS                  unknown~none                  unknown~none
          LATISS         unknown~ronchi170lpmm         unknown~ronchi170lpmm
          LATISS          unknown~ronchi90lpmm          unknown~ronchi90lpmm
          LATISS               unknown~unknown               unknown~unknown

      This seems very very wrong to me. We have KPNO_406_828nm as z but we also have KPNO_406_828nm~empty being something completely different when surely that is also meant to be "z" ? And at the very least for "KPNO_406_828nm~ronchi170lpmm" shouldn't the band be "z~something" or just "z" since presumably it is still z-band. The physical filter name should never turn up in the band.


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