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Update sample sub-selection for scarlet-based catalogs



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      The scripts in pipe_analysis use a set of flag combinations to sub-select samples that represent the "best" entry for a given object while omitting "sky objects" (i.e. fake sources laid down in "empty" regions of the image to aid in sky background correction assessment). Duplication of a given object can happen intra-patch/ccd in that the undeblended "parent" object of a given blend family is included in the catalogs in addition to all the deblended "children" (it's only the latter that we want). On an inter-patch/tract level, duplicate entries can occur in the overlap regions. These are discriminated based on their position within the patch/tract via "isInner" flags (only the one for which this is True is kept). There is also an isPrimary flag that is meant to provide "the absolute minimum science users need to do to get a viable set of objects with no duplicates and no sky objects." This flag is not used explicitly in the pipe_analysis scripts as they are at the single tract level, so omitting "outer" tract objects is not desired as there are no overlapping tracts, so no duplicates of these. Rather, the scripts define their own set of flags that is essentially akin to isPrimary minus the detect_isTractInner.

      The flag settings are routed in their behavior and meaning based on the meas_deblender deblender conventions which have been in play for the duration of the Rubin/LSST pipelines...up until DM-28323, which switched the default deblender to meas_extensions_scarlet. The scarlet deblender has some significant differences in the meaning of some of the flags in common with those of meas_deblender and also has some additional flags required to identify specific sub-samples. As such, a new set of flag combinations is required to represent the appropriate catalog sub-selections for our science and QA samples. Flag naming and conventions are not quite settled (follow RFC-750 and its implementation ticket DM-28542), but we can still make better use of the flags being set now to make the sample sub-selections we wish to include for our QA analyses. This ticket is to update those selections appropriate for scarlet deblended catalogs.


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