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Firefly Python/Nublado and docs usability improvements - master ticket




      In a session with mfisherlevine today, and in the course of some pre-flight testing of the new version of the Firefly server deployed on the integration platforms, I've accumulated a list of a number of annoying-to-ridiculous issues with various use cases that lie just outside the way it's normally tested in notebook-demo/Firefly.ipynb.

      Some of these are also documentation problems, where the many different places that tutorial/recipe information is presented are not quite consistent (because of non-uniform application of updates in the past) and in some cases don't work with the currently deployed versions.

      This ticket will have a number of children covering specific issues. The scope of this ticket is about consistency and usability of the Python interfaces and the launching experience in notebooks, JupyterLab, etc., and about the quality of the associated documentation. "New features" requests or other concerns with the behavior of the Firefly UI once an image is loaded, etc. are out of scope for this ticket. Weird behaviors when re-running a notebook, difficulties opening an external display, baroque magic recipes with hard-coded ports, etc. are examples of what's in scope for a child ticket under this one.

      The goal is to get these items cleaned up in time for a May observing run and for DP0.1, so at some point I'll call it closed to more child tickets.


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