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Add ability for magLimit in reference source selection to be based on band of dataset



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      At present, if one wants to add a magLimit to the selection criteria for the reference catalogs, one has to specify a specific flux field, forcing a specific flux filter/band for the limit.  This is not ideal since the reference flux for any given object can vary by quite a lot per filter.  This ticket is to add an option to use the band associated with the dataset being processed on which to make the magLimit.[maximum/minimum] limits.  This will still only allow for a single value for the magLimit(s) in a given obs_X package's config overrides, but at least will apply it to the filter in question. Additionally, this assumes that an entry for the dataset band exists in the reference catalog (true for obs_lsst, but almost certainly false for any other cameras), so a fallback filter should also be provided (but, again, this will be an optional setting that defaults to False, so any per-camera overrides will have to be quite deliberate).

      A subsequent ticket will explore the possibility of (again, optionally) dynamically calibrating appropriate max/min magLimits to the reference selection passed to the matcher based on an appropriate per-band setting for the icExp exposure zeropoint (set in the per-band isr.fluxMag0T1 config overrides).  Note that these are both only meant to "help" the matcher and especially in the context of the more significant matcher update to be made on DM-30490.


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              lauren Lauren MacArthur
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