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      I've been looking at the EFD timebase issues, and I believe there are definitely issues that need fixing. Perhaps I am confused, if so I would appreciate it if someone could point me at a description of how this is all supposed to work. I looked at an image from the latest AuxTel observing run on 04-Aug-21. I tried to distill the notebook down to the minimum necessary to see the problems. It is at this location (https://github.com/craiglagegit/ScratchStuff/blob/master/notebooks/Plot_Tracking_3_13Aug21.ipynb), or available at NCSA at /project/cslage/AuxTel/notebooks/Plot_Tracking_3_13Aug21.ipynb . I see three problems:

      (1) Why is the DATE keyword in the header ~30 seconds before DATE-BEG and DATE-END ?
      (2) I need to lie to EfdClient.select_time_series and tell it the UTC timestamps are in TAI, otherwise I get a warning and the whole dataset is shifted by ~30 seconds.
      (3) I need to override the default for internal_time_scale in merge_packed_time_series. The default is TAI, but I need to make it UTC for it all to work.

      If I do all of those things then the plots make sense. The plot below shows an exposure where after a small AzEl adjustment there is an allAxesInPosition timestamp followed by an exposure. The DATE-BEG and DATE-END timestamps in the header line up within milliseconds with the lsst.sal.ATCamera.logevent_shutterDetailedState timestamps in the EFD.


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