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Portal application: devise a means to configure the list of known TAP servers without rebuilding the Portal/suit container image



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      The RSP is being deployed at multiple sites.

      We have received a reasonable request from the staff at those other sites to facilitate their including additional (typically local) TAP services in the list that is pre-configured into the Portal application. Currently this list is expressed as JavaScript code in the lsst/suit repository.

      While this would be easy to change in a fork, or in an entirely custom site-specific application, it would be simpler for the remote sites, and (I suspect) possibly less likely to produce confusion and support requests in deployments, if the server list (and perhaps other application parameters - Firefly calls them "properties") could be overridden via some mechanism layered on top of the Rubin-built container images for the Portal.

      Configurations on the Firefly server side of the client-server pair are easier to override in this way because of the ability to set up filesystem contents visible inside the running container at the time the container is started (e.g., via content in Helm charts).

      It is less obvious how to provide container-start-time overrides accessible to the Firefly JavaScript code.

      The task in this ticket is to work with both SQuaRE and the core Firefly team to devise a mechanism by which deployment-time overrides can be configured which are accessible to the Portal JavaScript code.

      This will undoubtedly be useful beyond the remote-site deployments - it's easy to see how this would be helpful just in managing the O(10) internal deployments and their different features.


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