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UI for generation of coordinates/regions for use in ADQL queries



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      In the ADQL-entry screen that is part of the TAP interface, we already provide UI support for a schema browser, allowing the insertion of table and column names into the ADQL text.

      It would also be useful to provide UI support for the generation of commonly-used geometrical constructs to be inserted into the ADQL. Since ADQL queries in general use only decimal ICRS (equatorial) coordinates, but users may be interested in the specification of coordinates in other systems or based on well-known object names, the following capability is suggested:

      Provide a standard Firefly name/coordinate text entry field on the ADQL screen, into which any Firefly-acceptable name (NED/SIMBAD) or coordinate pair (e.g., sexagesimal, galactic, ecliptic) can be entered, with UI controls which allow the insertion of the corresponding equatorial ICRS coordinates as any of:

      • a bare comma-separated pair (e.g., "10.1, 23.7")
      • an ADQL POINT construct (e.g., "POINT( 10.1, 23.7 )")
      • an ADQL CIRCLE construct (e.g., "CIRCLE( 10.1, 23.7, r_deg )"), where "r_deg" could either be a placeholder for manual entry of a value, or could be supplied from an optional size field with the usual degrees/arcminutes/arcseconds drop-down, with the necessary conversion to decimal degrees made automatically

      Relatively low priority, but with a high value as a quality-of-implementation signal to users.


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