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If submit or prepare, have bps check early that WMS is in environment.




      This may not be as important once restarts in middle of submission work. But currently if someone forgets to put HTCondor in their environment, it does all the prep work (which can take hours) and then dies. And currently most of that wasted time will have to be repeated for the new run.

      Add a function to the base WMS service class for checking have env correct for that class (currently can be does it just have the right things in the environment, but it could be expanded if there are version restrictions). Because we don't want all plugins to just stop working, have the default behavior in the base class just print a warning message to the log.

      This function should be called prior to prepare and submit. It would be nice to not print the warning message twice, but not worth extra time if have to jump through hoops or rewrite a bunch of code.

      Then add this check to the htcondor plugin (If quick add to Pegasus plugin, but the plugin is probably enough out of date to not run the current default yaml).

      If the right wms environment isn't in place, the submission process should stop before doing anything (no QuantumGraph generation, ...) and halt with appropriate message.




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