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Overhaul the way the right colorterm dictionary is selected


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      There are some configuration issues associated with reference catalogs, including:

      1) Determining the source of the reference catalog. This information is used in two ways:

      • mapping the filter used to take an exposure to a filter in a reference catalog, for matching sources to reference objects (e.g. for astrometry and photometry)
      • picking the correct set of colorterms based on the filter and type of CCD used for the science image and filters in the reference catalog
        At present this information is encoded in the eups version name of the astrometry_net_data package used. This requires the use of eups and assumes astrometry.net index files. This is the most serious immediate issue.

      2) Colorterm correction data is saved in obs_* packages as config files. This makes it harder to include a temporal component.

      This ticket is a request for a cleaner solution.

      The plan has been to wait for "the new butler", e.g. DM-2404 (taking this use case into account in its design) before designing the solution. However, if we need something sooner, one possibility for fixing the first problem is to put the source of the reference catalog into metadata attached to the reference catalog.


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                Frossie Economou, Jim Bosch, John Swinbank, Kian-Tat Lim, Nate Pease, Paul Price, Robert Lupton, Russell Owen, Simon Krughoff, Tim Jenness
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