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ObsCore improvement campaign: add titles to metadata and display



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      Working with the early ObsCore query capabilities in DP0.2, especially through the Portal, an obvious weakness is that, particularly in the "grid" view in the Portal, the displayed images are not clearly labeled directly on the image with key information that would let users connect what they are seeing in the image frames to the information in the image metadata table.

      This deficiency is a by-product of the very minimal initial capabilities used to construct the image-access environment.

      The clear intent in ObsCore, I think, is to use the obs_title attribute in the data model for a human-readable title.

      The alternative is to programmatically construct a title from a selection of attributes, but this doesn't generalize well to arbitrary data, as different data publishers may find different attributes to most clearly reflect the information a human reader may be most interested in. However, as the Portal is meant to be able to deal with non-RSP image services as well as our own, and because we expect to use ObsCore searches to access less-curated data collections in Rubin in the future, I'm going to recommend the following approach:

      1. Add obs_title output to our ObsCore-extraction. I'll make a child ticket for this that will support Andy Salnikov adding this to the configuration template for dax_obscore, and make a recommendation for how to set that template for the DC2 data.
      2. Add to Firefly the ability to label images based on their obs_title attributes, if available. This will be reflected by DM- and FIREFLY- tickets.
      3. (at a lower priority) Add to Firefly the ability to display a "fallback" title based on key ObsCore attributes. (This item may not turn up for a while, as there are more critical matters for development.)

      The present ticket will cover any remaining architectural issues that arise.



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            gpdf Gregory Dubois-Felsmann
            Andy Salnikov, Fritz Mueller, Gregory Dubois-Felsmann, Tim Jenness, Trey Roby
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