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Possible improvements to image statistics tool



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      Not driven by requirements, but just an assessment of improvements that would assist the workflows that might take advantage of this tool, and in decreasing order of importance:

      1. The tool doesn't follow the contemporary Firefly convention of making coordinates uniformly available for copy-to-clipboard via an icon.
      2. The coordinates reported are always in equatorial sexagesimal, regardless of the settings of the associated image display; this is surprising UX and makes the tool harder to use in some contexts.
      3. It would be useful to provide pixel coordinates of the four identified locations, in FITS or zero-based coordinates as configured for the associated image (or selectable).
      4. It's far outside the original requirement, but the ability to produce an image histogram from this dialog would be most useful.
      5. Integration with the newer "extract" tools should be explored.
      6. The exact pixel frame of the rectangle on the image, in pixel coordinates, is not reported, but would be useful for downstream use and/or reproducibility.
      7. It would be useful to be able to use the points identified in a similar build-up-a-table workflow to that of the new point-extract tool.

      See also DM-36293 for providing the median among the statistics.


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