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Add README, CONTRIBUTING and GitHub summaries to each package



      • The README file to each Stack package should follow a standardized template (to be developed in this ticket). This README should, at minimum, state the Python modules and tasks provided, a short description, and instructions for installing this package to a Stack (through links to pipelines.lsst.io). Additional content can also be included in a README, such as the example runs included in the validate_drp README. The README should also direct users to community.lsst.org and its support forum.
      • The GitHub description line for each Stack package should be filled in. I currently propose a template python module — description, e.g. lsst.afw — LSST astronomy framework, including table and image processing tools.
      • A CONTRIBUTING file should also be included in each repo to help both internal and external contributors. GitHub shows a link to this file at when new issues and PRs are made (https://github.com/blog/1184-contributing-guidelines). The CONTRIBUTING document should link to centrally maintained documentation in pipelines.lsst.io and developer.lsst.io.

      It may be necessary to RFC templates for this content during the course of this ticket.


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