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Provide usable repos in {{validation_data_*}} packages.


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      Re-interpreted ticket:
      1. Provide already-initialized repositories in the `validation_data_cfht`, `validation_data_decam`, and `validation_data_hsc` packages alongside the raw data. The goal is to allow both easy quick-start analyses as well as comparisons of output steps from processCcd.py and friends at each step of the processing.
      2. Add (Cfht,Decam,HSC).list files to provide for easy processing of the available dataIds in the example data.
      3. Update README files to explain available data.

      [Original request:]
      In validation_drp when I run examples/runXTest.sh I find that any data I had saved in CFHT or DECam is lost, even if I have carefully renamed it. This is very dangerous and I lost a lot of work due to it. At a bare minimum please do NOT touch any directories not named "input" or "output".

      Lower priority requests that I hope you will consider:

      • Have the the input repo be entirely contained in the validation_data_X packages, ready to use "as is". That would simplify the use of those packages by other code. It would also simplify validate_drp, and it would just leave the output repo to generate (which already has a link back to the input repo).
      • Have runXTest.sh accept a single argument: the path to the output. (The path to the input is not necessary if you implement the first suggestion).




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