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Please document appropriate use of ups/*.cfg files



      There is no useful stack documentation I can find which covers the ups/*.cfg files used by sconsUtils. In particular:

      • sconsUtils is not listed as a documented package on the Doxygen front page.
      • Searching Doxygen pulls up some docstrings in sconsUtils which indicate where it's used, but give no indication of the appropriate usage patterns.
      • The Developer Guide page on "adding a new package to the build" makes only a passing reference to it.
      • Kian-Tat Lim points me to the template, which contains some comments. Setting aside the fact that comments in templates don't seem to be the appropriate place to store our documentation, I'm left wondering (for example):
        • Are these build or run time dependencies (the answer is build, but the documentation doesn't say that);
        • Does "scons tests" count as part of the build? That is, do I need to list packages which compilation doesn't require, but test execution does?
        • Does "pure-Python dependencies" mean "dependencies which are written purely in Python" or "packages which are only depended on in Python code"?

      Please provide a convenient reference in the Developer Guide and/or sconsUtils documentation.




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