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Request: Upgrade astrometry.net to release 0.48


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      Release 0.30 is from 2010. Specific changes that we benefit from include:

      • (a) fixes to eups table file to not set CFLAGS. This was a mistake and it
        continues to cause trouble with builds.
      • (b) fixes to the build system
        giving more control over setting the include and library paths, making it
        easier to avoid conflicts between system versions and 'setup' versions.
      • (c) the ability to use the 'setup' gsl rather than a shipped subset of
      • (d) the ability to use "multi-index" files, with the ability to
        unload and reload them from memory to control resource use.
      • (e) the
        ability to redirect logging.

      Of these, (a) fixes a small but annoying problem, (b) and (c) are fairly minor, (e) is nice-to-have (Astrometry.net log messages are captured as pex_logging messages), and (d) is the big win. Currently, the astrometry_net_data files contain multiple copies of the reference stars, and these are loaded into memory and used independently. With the multi-index changes, we can eliminate this duplication, increasing the speed and decreasing the on-disk and in-memory footprint of astrometry_net_data. The multi-index work also moves us toward refactoring meas_astrom to separate the tasks of storing reference stars (for astrometric and photometric calibration) and solving astrometry.

      Changes to the LSST Stack to accommodate release 0.48 have been made as part of #2481. These include a couple of minor changes adapting to changes in the Astrometry.net API, plus a larger refactor to use multi-index files and more carefully manage resources.


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