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Corrections in LDM-151 draft


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      I wasn't sure if this should have a ticket or not, so close this out if this has already been addressed.

      I read through the draft LDM-151 (version: Friday 15th July, 2016, 23:16hrs) to better understand the app design and how this will relate to what orchestration will have to provide. In the course of doing that, I found the following:

      page 24: - Missing word in sentence “Mask CCD defects based on the and saturation”
      page 24: - Missing word at the end of “Source detection to the 5ó limit of”
      page 25: - “if” should be “is” in: “Source measurement if for all…”
      page 28: - Remove “w” in “…of a TemplateCoadd w that is matched to…”
      page 29: - “tempalte” should be “template” in “subtraction of the tempalte image,”
      page 30: - Either remove “(“ in “(whose ephemerides have been…” or add one to the end of the sentence…. I wasn’t sure what the intended use was.
      page 34: 3.4 - This is the first reference to “Butler”, which hasn’t been mentioned before and is not in the glossary. Consider adding info about what the Butler is intended to do.
      page 41: - Remove “a” from “…this baseline calls for a a routine..”
      page 41: - Correct “thie” to “the” in “(outside the scope of thie WBS)”
      page 49: 5 - “Howver” should be “However” in “Howver, some part of the graph…” at the end of the paragraph.
      page 58: 5.1.2 - Missing comma(s) in “In addition to updating the CalExp WCS and PhotoCalib…”
      page 61: 5.2 - “subract” should be “subtract” in “but only subract the updated…”
      page 80: 5.5.1 - “later” supposed to be “layer” in “From the Science Pipelines side, Multifit is implemented as two routines, mediated by the orchestration later”
      page 87: 6.1 - Third bullet sentence should use “use cases” instead of “usecases”
      page 92: 6.2.2 - The sentence “show the running time of the deblending step” seems to be orphaned, and possibly should be removed. I wasn’t sure of the intent here.




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