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Jenkins sometimes fails to run the demo despite being asked to run it



      Jenkins sometimes fails to run the demo despite being asked to run it. I had a page, but it had "latest" in it, and I can't find it any more. The page showed the information below, but the build was 16475 and that appears to have failed, despite the page showing it has having completed. This may be more a problem of showing incorrect config and providing a latest link where a user is expecting a link to the job the user started.

      Notice the following in the configuration (which matches what I requested, though I am surprised to find lsst_ci listed twice; I explicitly requested it and I guess Jenkins already included it because it was running the demo):

      PRODUCT: lsst_sims lsst_distrib lsst_ci ci_hsc lsst_ci
      REF_LIST: -r tickets/DM-5503
      RUN_DEMO: yes

      and the job ends with:

      # BUILD b2748 completed.
      The DM stack has been installed at /home/jenkins-slave/workspace/stack-os-matrix/label/centos-7/python/py2/lsstsw with tag: b2748.
      Skipping Documentation build.
      Skipping Demo.
      [PostBuildScript] - Execution post build scripts.
      [py2] $ /bin/sh -xe /tmp/hudson7603861939452210171.sh
      ++ lsof -d 200 -t
      + Z=
      + [[ ! -z '' ]]
      + rm -rf /home/jenkins-slave/workspace/stack-os-matrix/label/centos-7/python/py2/lsstsw/stack/.lockDir
      Finished: SUCCESS


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