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User should be able to plot the light curves from different bands on the same XY Plot



      This story is about implementing a generic way to show multiple light-curve in one single plot.

      For Raw Light Curves:

      • The user needs to select which bands to plot, the 'Flux column' selector is meant for that.
        For WISE, this is the same as selecting which columns to plot. However, we don't have a way to select more than one column. For SDSS and PTF/iPTF/ZTF, this is the same as filtering the table in five different ways and then selecting the columns. We don't have a way to specify this. Gregory Dubois-Felsmann has suggested that these tables be converted into a WISE-type table when the Light Curve Tool is launched. For the user, this would be easiest if the tool had information about these surveys and we could just check some boxes. However, this makes the tool less general.
      • Each light curve will need to be in a different color.
      • The user needs to be able to normalize the different light curves so they can be plotted on the same scale. Someone needs to provide the conventions here.

      For phased Light Curves

      • Users may wish to calculate the phase based on one band, but have all the data points phased and fixed while the other is recomputed and plotted. This runs into the issue that the XY Plot is no longer tightly linked to one table.

      For more detail about this workflow, please ask feedback from Gregory Dubois-Felsmann and Vandana.


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