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Visually show upper limits in XY-plot with different marker



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    • SUIT Sprint 2018-03, SUIT Sprint 2018-04
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      Scattered plot should show in XY-plot a different marker than the default ('dot') for visually distinguish upper limits.

      There is a very detailed description for WISE light curve in DM-7950

      This ticket is to provide a generic way to deal with the situation of plotting upper limit in the scattered plot. For other specific use cases, the data should be prepared in such a way to use this generic function. This ticket should do the following:

      • Design a data model to represent this special scattered plot
      • Expand the current scattered plot to be able to plot the upper limit

      Plot option dialog needs more design discussion. This ticket does not cover it. 

      March 2018 TG
      It was decided that measurements and upper limits should be in the separate columns – which can be synthetic – to facilitate automatic ucd-base column handling in the future and to allow the cases when both a measurement with error bars and an upper limit are present.

      Since Plotly does not provide an attribute for upper limits, upper limit column or expression will be stored in a firefly specific option. API users can specify it via `data.[traceNum].firefly.yMax` attribute.

      Each upper limit will be represented by an arrow pointing down. It will be possible to highlight, select, or filter the rows with upper limits and no measurement just like we highlight, select, or filter the rows with measurements. (If no measurement is available for this row, a point with an upper limit value will be added.)


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