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Cleanup repository move wording in DMTN-027


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      There are some lingering incorrect "you should..." statements in the "merging work" section of DMTN-027, that should be referring to the "other developer", and the text needs to be reworded to reflect that dependencies on master need to live in lsst, and so some extra repository shuffling has to happen.

      A few relevant quotes from Slack:

      About how to move things without deleting daf_butlerUtils:

      Tim Jenness [11:50 AM]
      move daf_butlerUtils into lsst-sqre, move obs_base into lsst, move daf_butlerUtils into lsst-dm

      About unclear "you":

      Kian-Tat Lim [11:53 AM]
      Oh, except I missed this at the top "Once your rename has been merged to master,"
      One thing about that section that I noticed before but didn't comment on: it's sometimes unclear who "you/your" is – the renamer or the "other developer"

      John Parejko [11:55 AM]
      I tried to make it always be “you” as the person doing the rename. The person the whole document is aimed at.
      If I got that wrong somewhere, I’m happy to fix it.

      Kian-Tat Lim [11:55 AM]
      But "your work-in-progress branch" is really "the other developer", no?
      Same for "Check that the branch in the new clone matches your branch in meas_worst,"
      @parejkoj So I think the rest of the document is fine as long as you put in that merging to master also involves moving to lsst and change the remote url in the instructions.


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